The company IPEG was established in 1994, under the enterprise of Eng. Mauro Poppi, having a long experience in planning and realizing kilns and systems for the ceramic industry.
It is aimed at operating in the field of ceramic systems, so as to suggest that steady process innovation resulting from a serious applied research, featuring in a near past the field history. The experience acquired by Eng. Poppi and his main co-operators - in so many years of activity within the ceramic sector - represents one of the main milestones of the project. Hundreds of kilns and driers - of any kind linked with Eng. Poppi's name during his many years of work, ensure the availability of efficient thermal machines, continuously up-dated, on all the suggested productive lines. Recently the trade-mark IPEG, the engineering and the know-how, have been purchased by SETEC srl; a new company has been created, the IPEG srl, participated by SETEC srl with the aim of integrating the knowledge and the technological capacities, so to provide kilns
and dryers in each branch of the ceramic sector. The range of thermal machines put at IPEG's customers disposal comes from the multi-annual expertise of its technicians and from the deep knowledge of the ceramic technology achieved by the group SETEC and concerns all the products from the standard ceramic industry.
Tiles, sanitary-ware, tableware, bricks, refractories, frits: long-lasting and deep knowledge about all these products brought about driers and kilns perfectly integrating in the complete production cycle. The range includes tunnel, roller, car, continuous and static Briers, and kilns, as well as tank melting kilns for glazes, specially¬ developed as a function of the product and the system, thus leaving apart the standard production, that limits increasingly the applied research and innovation. The technological progress quickly makes current driers and kilns obsolete, unless punctual up-dating keep them reliable and efficient. IPEG is specially active in this sector, offering suitable solutions, supplying the required service and putting itself as technological partner for the solutions of each kind of technical or plant design and installation problem.