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SE.TE.C. is one of the leaders in service and technology for the production of sanitary-ware and table-ware.
By operating in the ceramic sector for over 20 years. Some of the most well known producers of sanitary-ware and table-ware in the world are SE.TE.C customers.
SE.TE.C. relies on a highly qualified team of technicians capable of satisfying the most varied requirements. Located in Civita Castellana (Italy), our firm is up to date on technological advances and improvements in technologies and therefore.
It is able to offer to its Customers the latest machineries for body/glaze preparation department, low/high pressure casting plants, automatic casting benches for fire-clay products of big dimensions, intermittent chamber dryers, inspecting/glazing equipments, grinding machines and our range of services proper to ceramic industry as: experimentation and new developments of bodies and glazes, laboratory tests and so on.

Our products and services are:
  • Complete turn-key sanitary-ware and table-ware plants
  • Complete plants for bricks, light insulating refractory bricks, hollow bricks, blocks, hollow blocks, roof tiles, others
Our staff is able to take care of the Customer, in every phase of project development, suggesting the best solution to specific exigency. All our range of machines is made in according to our exclusive projects and supervision in our modern and highly technically equipped workshop.

  • Modernization and optimization of existing ceramic production plants.
  • Wide range of machines for each production phase:
    • body and glaze preparation
    • casting plants (low/high pressure mechanized and automatic casting benches)
    • drying plants (modular intermittent chamber dryers)
    • inspecting and glazing plants (manual/automatic lines and glazing system for siphons/rims)
    • grinding (grinding machines for every ceramic item)
    • Equipments for clay preparation
    • Extrusion lines
    • Bricks dryers
    • Bricks kiln
    • intermittent chamber kilns for first firing and re-firing
    • tunnel kilns
  • Engineering and Know-How.
  • Modelling (a complete plant is dedicated to the production of mother moulds and moulds).
  • Training and technical assistance for each production department.
  • Technological consultation, ceramics research and laboratory analyses, final product tests.