A synthesis of art and technology.
Thanks to its capacity to grow, Vicentini succeeded in conquering a top position among the world's leading manufacturers of machines and plants for the ceramic industry: a world where technology and art, knowledge and creativeness melt into a perfect synthesis. Technical quality and commercial ability, added to an excellent productive versatility, make Vicentini an ideal partner for the industries of tableware, sanitary ware, tiles, flower pots, technical and art ceramics.
The confluence in the SETEC group, thanks to synergies obtainable, confers to Vicentini the possibility to improve and to enlarge the range of products, services and their quality.
Vicentini's aim is the affirmation of its acknowledged world leadership. The investment of considerable resources in the development of the product as well as in a continuous improvement of the production process and the technical service have made Vicentini a guarantee of reliability and quality all over the world.
Modern industrial techniques, combined with the ability to produce with craftsmen's precision, are the solid bases on which the company Vicentini has developed the capacity to personalize the product in accordance with the real requirements of even the most heterogeneous Clients.
In order to fully satisfy the Clients' requests, the company Vicentini offers two services of fundamental importance: the pre-sales consultancy and the after-sales service.
Vicentini dedicates utmost attention to the observance of the norms and constructive standards.
Each machine constructed by Vicentini fully respects the conformity to the CE-norms in order to guarantee the users' safety.
Moreover, being part of the SETEC group, the Vicentini can offer today also a qualified technological assistance and can support the customer in the solution of each kind of problem about the raw materials, bodies, glazes, end products.