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Is the main company of the Group that manufactures all the machinery, equipment and full plant for the production of sanitary ware. The know-how and technologies acquired in more than 20 years of experiences allow SETEC to supply every kind of solution available on the market for the sanitary ware industry. The headquarter of the company is situated in Civita Castellana, inside one of the main world's ceramic district.
The Mark of the historical company Vicentini was detected by Setec in 2007. With this operation, Setec has reinforced and completed its activities in the field of tableware, terracotta drawn and various articles in elaborated ceramics, to offer customers complete turnkey systems, as already happens in the area of sanitaryware. The two structures were integrated by the commercial point of view to create all possible synergies in various markets. Vicentini also gives important experience and technical solutions for reliability in the design of slip preparation departments of sanitary ware for which SETEC is world leader.
The mark, engineering and know-how of Ipeg were acquired in 2009 by Setec. Ipeg is active in the design and construction of furnaces and kilns for ceramics (tiles, plates, sanitaryware, furnaces for fries) and glass (tempering furnaces). With this new acquisition Setec completes the product range offered to customers and ensures the provision of all the machines for sanitaryware, plates, bricks, ceramics and art drawn.
In the internal division of SETEC which deals with the development and testing of innovative nano-technoloy products as for example antibacterial and self-cleaning glazes, air and water purification systems and other special additives for ceramic use and more. Nanotech has the most modern laboratories and sophisticated equipment for R&D and already obtained different certification and patented products.

Is the internal modeling department of the Group and deals with manufacturing of models, moulds and mother moulds for every ceramic application. The know-how, human resources and equipment have been detected by SETEC in 2012 bringing inside the Group's structure all the necessary technologies and long experiences needed in this field to offer to the customers the most complete services and assistance for manufacturing of moulds for traditional casting, high pressure casting and pressing.

It 's a branch of SETEC Group born in 2009 for the market of North, South and Central America. The structure has a storage used for distribution on SETEC's machinery spare parts and other consumption materials, as well as a technical and sales office able to give the most professional assistance to our customers. The company, thanks to the long experience in the ceramic field, is able to manufacture locally high quality equipment limited to simple and traditional plants. SETECH MX plays also the important logistic role of helping for the installation, sales and assistance for all the machinery manufactured in Italy for the Latin American market.

it's 'the internal division that deals Setec Group to develop and test automation systems, electrical systems, control panels with cutting-edge software for the control of all products Setec until the complete management of complete plants. AUTOMATION DIVISION has available a specialized staff to create sophisticated systems and for each type of request from the client.

Sammi is a share-holding company of Setec Group, since 1992. Is an highly specialized technical workshop which was entrusted with the construction of the more complex and technologically advanced machinery. It has a wide range of equipment for both the workshop and construction; work on an area of 2.500 mq used as a workshop divided into areas of production, 800 square meters of administrative and technical offices full of technologically advanced tools. Has been 'recently completed the installation for painting objects on a dedicated warehouse of 600 square meters.
Is a company partner of SETEC Group that deals with water treatment and in particular the design, production, sales and service of chemicals and equipment for water treatment. The company consists of a factory of 3,500 square meters located in Cesena, Italy. This type of plants find numerous applications not only in the ceramic field.

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